Press Release

I’m on a beach in Kauai, Hawaii sitting under a cabana with two comfortable chairs. My interviewer is none other than Mark J from Master Key Experience. I have a bikini on with a cover up that is gold it is a long flowing dress . I’ve kicked off my leather sandals and my feet are playing in the warm sand. Mark is in his Hawaiian shirt with a pair of tan pants with a pair of sandals on his feet.  The day is a balmy 85 degrees with a light breeze off the ocean it is late afternoon.

Mark says:  So, Karen how are you doing today?

Karen  :  Well, Mark I am just fabulous, ecstatic,  happy, forfilled!! I’m enjoying my life and living my definite major purpose in life.,

Mark probes: Tell me more of what that looks like Karen?

Karen: I have attained all the time and money I need to do what I want to do.  I’m having a blast living my life.

Mark says: What does that entail?  Give me specifics.

Karen:  I’ve been traveling to many beaches all over the world and walking on them. I enjoy the way the sand squiishes through my toes and the sound of the waves as they crash on the shore. I love the colors in the sky as the sunsets or rises over the water.  I have seen the many wonders of nature all over the world. I’ve hiked in the Redwood Forest, I’ve seen the canyons and mountains from many different regions.  I have hiked many wooded trails just to bask in the glow of the awesome wonder of this earth.  I’ve made my money in network marketing and built a business that sustains me and my family in comfort.  I also have a part-time massage business that helps people rejuvenate and stay healthy.  I’m a very blessed person and I thank Jesus Christ every day for these blessings in my life.

Mark: What is next for you?

Karen: I’ll follow my bliss and think for myself the rest of my life until I am taken from this life here on earth. When that time is over I will be spending my eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ.

Mark: Thank you so much for your time today Karen. I’m glad you shared your life with me.

Karen:  It”s been my pleasure Mark, Thank you for sharing your life and impacting so many lives with your Master Key Experience.