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Week 4 Bumping into Old Blueprint

The mind is strong but the body is weak this week.  I am doing what I’m suppose to do to correct my body’s deficiencies by getting iron infusions to replace my low iron.  However, It is really throwing me for a loop.  Again my mind knows I need to and wants to do all my assigned tasks but my body gives out by mid-day and I crash.  I of course do what I can when I can but fatigue gets to me and some assignments don’t get done on time.  Then my old blueprint beats me up and fear comes in and rattles in my head with defeating words of discouragement.  As I sit here now I’m crying about not being able to keep my promises.  My blueprint and personality hates it when I can’t please people, or complete my ordinary tasks of the day.  I feel the struggle inside.  The one side of me is hope of a better future (MKMMA) and the old side saying  sit back stay status quo.

I hate to write this because it sounds like I’m just making excuses for not doing the work.  And how it seems like just a big pity party I’m throwing.  In, my heart it really desires to be here my true self.  Just the old blueprint is so strong it wants to weigh me down and make me quit.  I’m so sick of the old me.  So, I hope for the new true self is stronger and faster and better, so it can conquer and defeat the old blueprint (old self).

I’m hopefully that my body will be able to defeat this physical ailment, so I can create my world without from my world with in. I can be what I will to be.




Week # 3 Obstacles on the road

Wowzers boy did life happen this week.  I had three major obstacles this week that put a hiccup on this new journey.  Basically, I had three medical procedures during the week.  I knew they were coming and I thought I had it all under control.  Well, things did not go as I planned.  Medical proceedures took longer than I expected making it hard to get my re-write of my DMP done and getting my blog post up on time.  I was able to still do the reading and most of the sitting exercises but coming off the anaesthesia made it impossible to complete anything that day.  It really wiped me out.  I see now how important it is to do the oats.  Schedule everything and really pinning  down how long (time) it will take to do something. My old blueprint is beating myself up for not completing things on time. But the new blueprint knows I need to make new GOOD HABITS to break the old blueprint.  I know I’m on the right road and I plan on sticking to this path no matter what my subby (old blueprint) says.  I’m going to keep making GOOD HABITS TO ERASE THE OLD ONES.   I’ll keep revising my dmp until it is the best it can be.  My new life of Liberty and Autonomy are on this path and I am unstoppable. Charging on to the new week building good habit upon good habit to the end. See you all next week.


Week 2 Things are Happening

Another amazing week of many discoveries, so many things are rushing through my mind.  Ok starting with the webcast on Sunday the information was awesome.  I really liked the information about the exercises are very crucial.  Make them a must do. I like  that he said it over and over it finally sunk in and I have started with real vigor to complete all sittings and all reading and all assignments everyday.  It now pains me if I contemplate not doing my assignment.  I am really starting to form good habits.  The reading is enjoyable I am seeing new things every time and starting to link together and have deeper understanding of the information.

Week one I  missed a few sittings and a few readings.. This week only missed one reading or og.. and one sitting.  I was just dead tired and too many things scheduled for that day. It still is not an excuse but it happened.

The revision of the DMP was a big part of my week.  The sitting brought new enlightenments to what I want.  The guides offered great assistance to focus me in the right direction.  More revisions will be coming but starting to get a clearer picture for my new life (DMP).

The PPN’s were a real eye opener I would have never guessed that Autonomy and Liberty would be what I need. I barely understood the words but I picked them during the webinar.  I now see they are really awesome ppn’s. I am learning their meaning and seeing how they will link together with my DMP.

All and all the week went well.. The blog was the last thing on my assignments that I needed to complete. Yes it is late but I will OATS next week better so I will complete it on time week 3. Schedule it … Schedule it… alot TIME>>>

Thanks for listening and reading my blog…  I will try to figure out how to follow people back on your blogs too. Work in progress learning wordpress..






Week 1

Wow, what a interesting first week.  I can definitely start feeling the changes in my habits.  I’m starting some very awesome new habits.  What is strange is I’m really enjoying the book The Greatest Salesman in the World.  After reading the first scroll it really moved me.  I feel joy as I read  the book.  I find the book is very mezmorizing.  The reading has been the best thing so far.

The more difficult things have been writing my DMP.  I have not thought about my purpose in life for a very long time.  I have been going through the motions of life and letting life happen to me instead of me controlling my life and destiny.

Aslo learning how to set up some of the digital things have been a learning process.  I am prodding through the process and getting it done.

I learned and liked the free seminar on how to read faster.  I was doing some of the 4 great nuggets that Jana taught on the monday night webinar.

It has been a very busy and productive few days.  My life is starting to go in the right direction for me.  I will learn from my world within how to change my world without.

Thank you for this Master Key Experience.  Onward and Upward to living my DMP.