WEEK 8 Idealization, Visualization, Manifestation.

We have been learning how our ideas and what we think our mind will cause us to get exactly what we think about.  We must be very careful to think great thoughts and guard our minds of the stuff that goes into our minds. 

We must first think of ideas that we truly want in our lives.  What are our dreams, what do we inspire to do with our lives.  We must clearly write down our definite major purpose for our lives.  We must use precise words that clearly describe what we want and how we want it to happen.

We then take this definite major purpose and visualize it.  We must sit quietly with ourselves and visulize in our heads the things we have written down in living color and in motion like you are watching a movie or yourself do what you want to do.  We must be able to see every detail right down to every hair on people heads.  Really see everything in your mind crystal clear.

Now the Manifestation happens when your subconscious gets a hold of your definite major purpose and truly believes it is real and starts to create new ways of obtaining this new life right before your very eyes.  Your 5 billion cells in your brain take over and start to work for you night and day finding the way to make your definite major purpose come true..    Then your going to get what you have always wanted for your life..

Sit back and enjoy..  dreams are possible.. You now have your own genie in a bottle.

You are that genie.. You make your own magic.. You are the writer of your own life.





5 thoughts on “WEEK 8 Idealization, Visualization, Manifestation.

  1. azkamisite

    How ironic?????? My daughter has been obsessed lately with the ‘genie in a bottle’ song from Disney’s Descendants, I hadn’t and would never have connected that idea with this course! I LOVE IT! Such an incredible concept that I have my own genie in a bottle and that I AM the genie!!!!! Thank you so very much for this! A game changer for sure!


  2. Julia Standish

    Happy New Year 2018!!!
    I spent some time reading your blog and checking in on occasions with a comment or two. You have made it this far, Congratutions!! I came to read Week 14 and Week 15 during the Holiday Season, and into the New Year… you are becoming the self directive person you set yourself to become. I am glad you answered the call within. Keep on moving forward in changing your old blueprint…to gain what I think is going to be a life changing experience.
    I am looking forward to seeing you manifest your intentions. There’s a share power of community when you blog and put your reflections out into the Universe.
    Julia Standish
    PS.. We are on Week 16.. You might want to title your next post Week 16: Because Julia said so.



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