Week 7 Mental Diet

Wow, It’s time for a diet!  Oh no,   Not the usual kind of starving yourself diet.  It has nothing to do with food.  Or does it.  The 7 day Mental Diet does have some similarities.  We must STARVE our selves of negative thoughts.  So it is kind of a food diet for the brain.  We must not have any NEGATIVE thoughts for 7 whole days in a row.  Ok.  How is this going to happen?  It’s like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube.  

We do have a couple of helpful tips.  We are able to use the Law of Substitution.  We are allowed to substitute any negative thought with a POSITIVE one.  If we can do this within 7 seconds we can keep going for our 7 days in a row.  The other tip is be an observer be vigilant.  Also if we use the Scroll 2 and keep our hearts filled with love we should be able to master this huge task.

Good luck everyone. I’m POSITIVE we can do this..


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