Week 6 Og Scroll 2

Love is what is required for this months read of Og Mandino’s Scroll 2.  We must learn to live with love in our hearts this month.  But how will we do this?  There is so much out there that can bring us down and pull us away from love.  We see so much inhumanity towards others all day long on the news.  We have been learning how to do this through our master-key experience webinar trainings and our weekly exercises and tasks that we must complete weekly.  This week one of exercises is we are to observe ourselves and make sure we have no opinions.  NOTHING… JUST STOP IT..  This is definitely a help to keeping love in our hearts.  Now this is just an observation not an opinion.  When we keep our mind clear of opinions we will be better able to KEEP the good stuff flowing out of us.  If only good in going in.(We are the watchman at the gate)  Then good is all that can come out.  So,  Let’s keep those opinions at bay and let the love pour out of us.. like Og says.. I greet this day with love in my heart… 



1 thought on “Week 6 Og Scroll 2

  1. Julia Standish

    Hello, I came to visit your blog. I enjoyed reading all your comments and reflects.I choose this one to write a comment because I really LOVE Scroll Two. I thought scroll boosted me to change, and scroll two secured it.
    Happy Thanksgiving. May you have many blessings.



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