car-accident edit

After last weeks break through at chipping away at the cement.  My old blueprint

came raging back with a vengeance.   It does not like change.  It does not like that my

dreams can come true. That saboteur came back sneaking in with missing a few reads by

sleeping in late then my motivation and moods was very diminished.  Blog didn’t get

posted on time my enthusiasm waned.  I was like if my DMP was just a fairy tale and

not really going to come true: that I don’t truly believe it is possible, then I can do this

little exercise no worries.  I don’t have a chance any way.   My old  blueprint let’s me try

like  a good soldier following  commands.  His commands!  When  the slightest hint of

this could be my new life and things could change for the better the sabotage begins the

brakes are applied.  I freeze up halting the progress. aka. CRASH and BURN … 

I hope this is a success because I am being a good observer of this pattern and I am

still here and still continuing.  It just really sucks that the saboteur is always ready to

strike and I have to always pick my self up and try to battle it again and again and

again…  Boy this really sucks.  OLD BLUEPRINT GO AWAY!!!!


9 thoughts on “WEEK 5 CRASH and BURN

  1. Ivonne @Path to Purpose

    But isn’t it incredible that you are aware of it? So something is changing, because often our inner saboteur is sneaky and tries to go by unnoticed. Yours just can’t get past your radar anymore! That is progress! Celebrate it! And you are not alone…


  2. Linda Clark

    Yo Karen, so here’s the good news. Subby is extremely persistent & devoted to what it learned ‘once upon a time’. Now’s the time to get its attention & pursue a re-education program. You WILL patiently, lovingly redirect Subby. Look forward to that tenacious power being re-educated and functioning by your new rules. Meanwhile, Subby will persistently test you to see if you’re serious about these new ideas! I can be what I will to be — with persistence and patience.

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  3. Jun King

    Your openness shows their is potential and you know your challenges, you are awesome for not giving up and that will be the difference.



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