WEEK 4 Light Bulb Moment

Hills and valleys were felt this week.  Started out with vallies. Reading many blogs that were very
inspiring seeing so much greatness and then feeling jealousy.  What am I saying I was
completely jealous. Bad emotion to have. But at the same time I was very happy for them. They
also inspired me to keep going for my desires in life. I was persistent with the exercises.
      I love the master key  app on the phone. I can check in with it several times a day so it keeps
me focused on what I need to do.  So that was my valleys for the week with my feelings and
perspiration of digging in and doing the work no matter what.  Now some times just getting it
done just before midnight. I race to the app just in time to check off my last green check mark.
      Then when riding in the car today. I was saying my do it now’s and I can be what I will to be.
Perspiration, inspiration, revelation..
Light bulb moments Haanel 4. Sentence 10.  ” EVERY time you repeat it realize who and
what this ” I is; and  try to come into a thorough understanding of the true nature of the “I”; if
you do , you will become INVINCIBLE; that is, provided that your objects and purposes are
constructive and are therefore in HARMONY with the creative principle of the Universe. “
This is what happened to me in my car as I had finally realized who the I is.  I felt invincible. I am
the one who is designing my life. I can be what I will to be.  I then started to change the way I
was saying the  statement.  I said it backwards. What I will to be. I CAN BE.  Can you hear it
deep in your soul. Then I also combined that phrase with Do it now.  As Mark J  would say
BAM!!!!!!! The lightbulb was burning bright 1 million watts went off and emotions came flowing
tears of joy.
         All the work is starting to crack the old blueprint. I’m really chipping at it day by day.
So everything we are doing is for a reason I see why we must read constantly, read out loud,
read with enthusiasm, sit still and get control, finding the shapes and color, read the index
cards, read master key system, read greatest salesman, the weekly webinars, blogs, I’m
probably forgetting something, oh yeah reading our DMP’s.
      So as og the greatest salesman would say scroll #1 ..paraphrased . I repeat the words daily
they become a part of my conscious mind but more importantly they seep into the
Subconscious mind which creates my dreams and makes me act in mysterious ways I do
not comprehend.  It’s starting to come together. I know the road is going to be awesome. I’ll
not put anything  negative in here. I was just about to but I stopped and thought that’s what my
old blueprint would have said.  Wow, I am so powerful, my watchman at the gate is on guard
ready to do his job.
Let’s all keep going. Remember your guides are there for you and Mark, Davene, Dayna, and
the crew are there for us. They have our back reach out if you need a hand to help you on this
Love and gratitude for this course.

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