Are you seeing red yet.  I am seeing red circles every where.  I drive to and from work several times a week and these drives are now becoming fun, because you can really see how when you focus on something it really manifests before your very eyes.  As soon as I say to myself look for red circles.  The next few cars that pass me are red.  Then I see a red stop sign. BAM.. More shades of the color red come from every where.  The letters on a billboard, the tail lights of the car in front of me, the person at the bus stop has a red shirt.  Wow.  Then I try to link it back like Mark says to do.  To your chore card you wrote out.  My red circle chore this week was to  go get groceries by Oct 15.  And the other link is to the Plan of Action card. Linked to I promise to read the Blueprint Builder  out loud everyday.  I’m also looking for blue rectangles also and they are everywhere too.   So many signs are blue on the highways.  Sometimes I just look up at the blue sky and BAM I found another thing that is blue or in a rectangular shape.  Looking for the color red and in a circles was fun this week.  Everyone should try it..  When you are focused on the colors and shapes you don’t have time to  see traffic jam or bad drivers or any other crazy stuff on the road.  polka-dots-2374446_640


4 thoughts on “Week 3 LOOKING FOR RED CIRCLES

  1. Michael

    I love your graphic and how you tell how focusing on a color makes them multiply right before your eyes! Last week I had trouble finding green triangles – I didn’t see any. This week I see literally millions of them! They were right in front of my eyes, in my front yard, along every country road I drive on going to and from my service calls. Pine trees and the leaves from other trees are a form of green triangles! At the end of the week the greens started turning yellow and red and we’ve had sky blue days all week. So much to see when we become better observers. Have a great weekend,



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