Week 2 The Sit


Well, last weeks sit seems so easy now.  We only had to control our physical body by remaining still for fifteen minutes or more.  Which in all reality it takes a lot of skill to do this.  Now  this weeks assignment is a bit harder.  Well, can I say a LOT HARDER!!!!!!  Well, we start out the same as last week by picking the same comfy chair and choosing our preferred time of the day and continue with sitting perfectly still.  Now comes the hard part.  NO THOUGHTS!!!  Wow.  Now if you remember what your sits were like last week when you were trying to control your body. You should remember your brain  was going a hundred miles an hour thinking about every thing like the itch on my foot, then how can I do this fifteen minute thing it is just to long.  Your mind raced the whole time from subject to subject well mine did anyway.  So now we have our assignment this week, What are we going to do with all these thoughts?  So the first couple of days did not go so well.  I was battling the thoughts and they were winning.  As the week progressed I tried to picture a black hole or emptiness.  I would just try to gaze at it in my mind and try to quiet my mind.  I got glimpses of silence in my mind.  UREKKA small improvement.  It reminded me of the time I went to a float place.  A float is where you lay down in epsom salt water and float on the top of the water like in the dead sea.  You are in a pod that allows you to close the lid and have complete isolation from the world. You get rid of most of your senses. It’s dark no sight, you put in ear plugs to keep the water out and sound.  Even touch is also gone you don’t even feel the water.  While doing the float every sense is controlled.  The only thing left is your mind.  It was quite a long float with me and my mind.  So many thoughts came flying in it was so noisy in my mind yet I was in the most tranquil place to rest.  My body was resting but my mind was racing.  After a  while being in the float I was able to just focus on one or two items to think about and enjoy the experience.


6 thoughts on “Week 2 The Sit

  1. Theresa Hamlin

    I enjoyed your post about a black hole and the float visual. I will attempt that in future sits. I’ve struggled with my sit also. I am not perfect with the physical yet. Some days I may have to move slightly once or twice. I sit on a Kabuchon pillow on a floor each morning. Controlling my thoughts is much more challenging. I will often say still over and over again or imagine myself staring into a bright light like the sun in front of me. I imagine the bright light as my subconscious reflection from within. Sometimes I call out to Subby as a way to bring myself back when I catch myself thinking about something. I have always meditated in the past on a prayer, word, sounds, something. Silence and nothing is a whole new concept for me. Your post was very helpful!


    1. kpinon0gmailcom Post author

      thank you for your kind words. It is such a great discovery process we are embarking on. We should never stop our learning process. I want to become the best me possible and maybe it will help others to see themselves and improve them also. Keep doing Keep improving I feel it will finally pay off for everyone that does the work. John Wooden The pyramid of success we need to be industrious


  2. Lia Petcu

    What a great experience to think about whilst doing your sit. I’d love to do one of those float tanks. Well done you for finding a way to quiet your thoughts!

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  3. monicaemempe

    Thank you for sharing your struggles with sitting silent without any thoughts. I did also floating, but only tried it once, because I got seasick (never get seasick when I’m on a boat). A tibetan monk told me once that they also struggles with thoughts, wanting to take place in the head during meditation. He said to me that they just recognize the thought but don’t pay attention to it, because that is exactly what the thought want; attention. So they recognize it and then let it go further away and out of the mind. He told me: Thought always travel by themselves so let them travel further on.

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