Week 22 Be still and find Silence

Be still and know that I am . Be still and know. Be still . Be.

This was our assignment this week.  Go and be silent!  This is a hard to do when you have a family and job. I will need to plan this out so I can get away from the constant barrage of things to do for the husband and the kids and the time off from the job and other responsibilities of life.  I plan on getting away to the woods maybe camping/cabin and hunkering down for at least 3 days.  I have learned to turn off and unplug from the world much more thru this course.  i don’t look at Facebook constantly anymore.  I watch little to none of TV.  My cell phone is only really used for necessary phone calls only.  I remember the request of 7 days of no TV it was not that hard for me, I was able to substitute it for reading.  The joy of reading has come back.

I am working hard to find the time off to go on my Silence Retreat.  I can’t wait to find out so many more discoveries about myself.  I’m sure it will open so many new doors into a glorious future.



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