Week 19 Scroll 6 from Og Mastering Emotions

Scroll 6  i am master of my emotions.  or am I?  Since starting the scroll six, i have had more chances to master my emotions.

Here is one of those times. I was driving to a business meeting and in my city there are lots of highways and large 3 or 4 lane roads.  Well, I was driving and I needed to change lanes to get to the road I wanted to go to.  So I started to move over from the right lane to the middle lane then I again needed to move again from the middle lane all the way over to the left lane.  So I carefully moved over watching for cars and moved in behind a truck.  I did not cut anyone off just pulled behind already flowing traffic.  Well, I then .took the next left turn and stopped  for the red light. Well, then I heard something coming from the right side of me.  The truck was also in the left turning lane waiting for the red light to change.  Ok, what did I hear.  The man in the truck was yelling BAD  words at me.  I was following him too closely! ETC..ETC.. with lots of swear words…   So as he was yelling.

This is what was happening inside of me. My emotions started to CHURN. I was feeling hurt and bad because the guy was mad at me. I felt his disapproval loud and clear.  It reminded me of when I was a little kid and being scolded. I didn’t engage with the fellow so as not to make him more enraged.

Instead in my head I was talking to myself saying I control my emotions. i control my emotions. I greet this day with love in my heart. and I  said I love you to the man. Then  I am whole,perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and appy. over and over again.

Now as I was sitting there waiting for the red light to change and as the man was still ranting.  The emotions came rolling down my cheeks one tear for each eye. I was feeling beat up.  The man finally calmed down and let it go.

By now  I was already  thinking in my mind with tons of  emotions in my head rolling around .  The light finally turned green and I was on my way to my destination.  I tried to concentrate on the road and looked back to see if the guy was still mad.  He wasn’t.

Then  I  remembered I can put any feeling to any idea. *LIGHT BULB MOMENT*  I CHOOSE to change my feelings. I choose to be HAPPY  not defeated or hurt just happy.  I continued my day and made it a HAPPY one.  I was in my meeting and enjoyed it and never said a word about the experience.  I let it go and I choose to make my day a happy one.

It wasn’t instantaneous process for me,  but in the past I would make an experience like that affect me for the rest of the day and longer sometimes.  I would complain to everyone I could talk to.  I would make it grow and grow.  Instead I made the choice to be happy and that is what grew and grew…

I’m proud of myself.  I am in control of my emotions!




1 thought on “Week 19 Scroll 6 from Og Mastering Emotions

  1. masterkeyrenata

    I had similar situation… Guy was behind me and I didn’t drive immediately when light go green… he starts to yell and swinging his hands… and I just decided at that moment to turn myself toward him and blow him a kiss… he was stunned… and I just overcome feeling of being guilty or hurt which I usually have… and I didn’t even realize that at first… I did that totally unconsciously – yeah!!!



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