Week 15 New Year New ME!

No New Year’s resolutions for me.  I’ve been living my life on purpose for three months now.  I’ve been following the Master Key Experience and things have changed.  My BIGGEST thing that has changed has been my weight. And I mean BIG.  I’ve lost a whopping 36 pounds. Started new eating plan on Oct 14, 2016.  And I’m still going.  I’ve learned so much from this course that has helped me realize this goal/my want.  I have been doing what the master keys have taught me and it works there is nothing like it!  

I plan to stay on this road and unveil all the gifts and talents that I have that are inside of me.  It is an awesome thing to discover the wonders that were hiding inside of us that where ready to show up if we take the steps to unvail them.

This week we are working on some of our characteristics in our life.  I’m working on finding Courage this week.  I’ve found it in some people but mostly I’m trying to develop it in my own life.  I’m very weak in this characteristic and want to .build it up. Exercise that muscle of courage.  Here’s to a New Year and a NEW ME!  Let’s go out and get us some courage. Master Key Experience. There is nothing like it!


13 thoughts on “Week 15 New Year New ME!

  1. dannid96

    Loved reading your last few post! You seem to be doing great on staying on track!! Can’t wait to read more of your blogs! And congrats on your weight loss! I to am on a weight loss journey and also trying to find new confidence and positivity in my life! Keep up the good work !! 😊


    1. kpinon0gmailcom Post author

      I almost didn’t talk about my weight it sounds to vain. But on the other hand I know I might be able to inspire someone who is also on this journey. Thank you for your kind words about my blogs. Have a great day!

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      1. dannid96

        I was nervous about posting my situation but at the same time I knew feeling like I was hiding it wasn’t helping me so coming to this sight and talking about it here was easier. I do look forward to seeing more of your post. Have a great one!


  2. masterkeyrenata

    Wow, that is great Karen! I’m so proud and happy for you! And you should be to – you are doing great on your journey! And it takes courage (every day) to stay on diet and keep going – remember that!



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