Week 14 Movies October Sky

It was movie week. I watched 5 of the 6 movies the best and the one I never saw before was October Sky.  It was so riveting to watch this young boy find his passion in life.  So we where not just goofing off watching movies we had a purpose while watching them.  We were told to find the four tiny habits that are needed to obtain your wildest dreams.  You might ask what habits are those?  First, you must have something that you want in life. Yes, in the movie October Sky the kid wanted to make and fly rockets. He grew up in the sixties when NASA was at its peak.  He saw one evening a rocket come flying by in the night sky.  He was hooked.  Second, You must have a positive mental attitude.  This kid was so sure of himself.  He didn’t let anyone discourage him.  His father was the most negative person that would put him down and put road blocks in his way.  Third, you must have a plan of action.  He learned all he could about rockets.  He found out what he needed to build them and went into action obtaining the pieces and putting them together. The last key in our four tiny habits is a mastermind alliance.  What is that you might ask.  Well, It is where you get like-minded people together to run  ideas and plans with them and glean any new insights from the other people.  They are also your cheerleaders and helpers when needed.  It’s like a specialized think tank.  He had his friends, his teacher, and a scientist guy in the movie.  This was a great week seeing these movies here is the list so maybe you will watch them too:  Rudy, October Sky,Door-to-Door, Cool Runnings these are all PG-13 . Two more for mature audiences  A Good Lie and  Wild  both with Reese Witherspoon in them.    Enjoy going to the movies. Be the observer and find the four tiny habits in your next movie you watch.  Better yet go out and do the four tiny habits and you will be the best movie in your own life.  Go and live your bliss that is what I’m doing this week. What about you?




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