Week 13 Drowning in old Blue Print

Wow.  Last week was all about persistence and just keep swimming.  Then bam the holidays hit and that sneaky blue print comes sliding back in slowly and slyly into your life.  Visits to grandma’s  and grandpa’s house trigger old memories and feelings of low self-worth. Plus long rides in cars with tons of traffic that brings out the worst in people.  Including my husband the epitome of road rage in action.  I’m glad Christmas comes only once a year.  The force was not with me this week knowing that no webinar from Mark J. this week was also a bummer.   It feels like I get sideswiped each time we have an off week.  I gear up and plan and it still hits me.  I haven’t tamed the beast of the old blueprint yet.  My new blueprint is not firmly seated yet.  More work to do. I persist. I win. I continue onward to achieve the prize of my DMP.  I think, I feel, I create my new reality. Thank you Haanel and Master Key Experience.


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