Week 12 Just keep Swimming

Just keep swimming as Dori would say in Finding Nemo.  What can I say but we are stilling going.  I am thankful for Og Mandino for writing scroll #3 I persist and I succeed.  We are traveling this road to discover our true purpose in life.  We keep going on our journey.  It has been very exciting and challenging at times.  Each day is unfolding our new dharma.  Some things are already happening and some are still in motion and working out in their own time and schedule.  I am happily waiting and persisting until they are manifested in my life.  It is great to finally know how to think for myself.  It’s great to be the creator of my reality.  I am able to be more in the now instead of the past ..or the future.  It’s hard to believe that in such a short time 12 little weeks that I have changed so much!  Yeah for Master Key Experience for giving me this awesome change in my life.  I am blessed and grateful for this journey.  There has never been anything else like this.  Mark J. would say, There’s nothing like it!  Everybody let’s all keep Swimming!  Our prize is just around the next bend. Let us persist!  Let us Succeed!!!  


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