Week 11 Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots The picture is becoming clearer.  We can now see the beautiful life that we are building so masterfully been planned out.  Every piece is beautifully orchestrated to be unveiled at the appropriate time.  I know we will be in for some more surprises and challenges along this journey but, it is so worth the time and effort.  

It’s great to know we are in good hands with the staff, guides, and fellow members helping us all along the way. They always have our backs.

We have come so far from our first week just going on a hope of something better would come out of this experience and  now week 11 with so many changes that have unfolded new habits have been formed.  Our ways have been altered for the better we can never go back to just the same old status quo life.  We won’t look at life the same way ever again. We are all persisting to obtain the hero’s journey for our lives.  Our master piece is being unveiled a little at a time.  We will succeed as a mastermind alliance. I will succeed.

Life is wonderful! Living the hero’s Life!


9 thoughts on “Week 11 Connecting the Dots

  1. Leanne

    Great post. Thanks for sharing your perspective on how far you have come since the first week. I am glad you are finding value you weren’t sure of at week 1.



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