Week 9 Mental Diet Struggle

Well,  I haven’t mastered this 7 day Mental Diet yet.  I go a few days and boom I have to start over again.  Holiday time is also a hard time to be so positive.  Stress levels are higher and stimulus / triggers are everywhere.  You try to be prepared knowing things can go wrong but some how  it slips by like a ninja. It really has surprised me how easy it is to stumble.

Struggle is  also going on with my sit’s and getting all the required work done in a timely manner.  Mark was correct if it is not scheduled it doesn’t get done. I really need to do the oats like on saturday or sunday to get all my work scheduled and then it will get completed  during the week.

On a good note I’m still here plugging away, being persistent, staying the course.  I will succeed.  I will put one foot in front of the other and keep plodding on until I reach the finish line.  I can be what I will to be.  It may seem slow now, but I will soon be able to see the accumulated effects.



3 thoughts on “Week 9 Mental Diet Struggle

  1. lisapmasterkey

    Hi Karen. You are right. Scheduling is very important. I have had to move some things around to accommodate all of my “homework”. I really feel that the sits are one of the most important things that we do. I think of it as my time to myself away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Keep at it. Once step at a time and success will be yours!!



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