Week 10 The Off Week

    The off week, no supervision, we must do it ourselves, no one is watching.  Well, if I was grading myself this week with a pass or fail grade.  The honest answer would be FAIL.  Boy when the teacher is gone and kids will play or play hooky.  It was so hard to stay focused with out the accountability of mkmma being there.  Even though we were warned it still happened.  

It will feel so good to see Mark, Fab Davene, and crew on the sunday night webinar this week.  They have been missed.  I so need the structure and the accountability.

So my blog this week was late, it really has no content, but thanks to Scroll number Three… I will persist until I succeed.  Each day I am tested by life. I will continue to try to charge forward.  I will remove/ eliminate  the negative words from my thoughts.  I will persist and I will succeed.


6 thoughts on “Week 10 The Off Week

  1. lisapmasterkey

    HI Karen. I am so proud of you for owning up to the fact that you played hooky. Most people would own up that so you are to be commended for that. It is also good that you now know that you need structure. You can now use this to your advantage and will know what to do when we have our next break. I hope that you enjoy tomorrow’s webinar. I am sure that Mark, Davene and crew will get everyone back on track. Have a wonderful Saturday!!



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