Week 8 Being the Observer

We must really be the observer during the 7 day mental diet. We are the watchman at the gate making sure that no negative thoughts go into our mind and rumble around inside causing havoc.  We will be the solder always on guard fighting off the destructive thoughts.  I keep my mind busy by bringing up the scroll 2, I greet the day with love in my heart. I think of ways of how to do this like the law of substitution.  I think like a child and look on the world with curiosity and amazement.  I make no judgements and just take in all the stimulus and filter all the negative out like throwing out the trash.

The job of greeting everyone silently with I Love You that causes us to put a smile on our lips, un-furrow our brow, shine in our eyes, and echo in our voice.  We are able to conquer any foes that come our way.  It makes it easier to keep our thoughts positive. It makes the negative thoughts jump out at you so you can catch them and close the door to your mind.

Is it super easy to do this all day. No. But as we continue to exercise our mind and practice, practice, practice we will be able to do this 7 day mental diet. I know I have mastered many things so far that at the beginning seemed so impossible to do.  It’s amazing that my mind is slowly changing. Persistence  and good habits I will be able to become exactly what I will to be.  This is so amazing to be in this program. It is so true there is nothing like it!




8 thoughts on “Week 8 Being the Observer

  1. billypmasterkey

    What an encouraging read. No it’s not easy but after reading your post, I’m really reminded that I too am improving. You pointed out so many of the good things that have come out of the course so far. Thanks for uplifting me with your insights.


    1. kpinon0gmailcom Post author

      So awesome to see there is others like me out there. Welcome… I’m really loving every part of this journey the ups and the downs just everything.
      It’s great to be in a mastermind so we can enjoy it together.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Leanne

    You are right, with practice we will get it right. Our brain is a muscle and like all muscles it needs to be exercised. Great to see that you are seeing mastery come in other areas.



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