Week 7 The 7 day Mental Diet

Okay this is a bit challenging this week with the election and everyone has an opinion and some people are very negative.  You can get so sucked into their negativity.  I have had to start over many times this week. It helps that we read Og Scroll 2  three times a day, but it only helps for so long.  We really need to be the observer of our own mind at all times.  We need to be the great Guardsman at the Gate / soldier at the post always on watch.  This is real hard mental work.  It must be a priority in our life.  We can’t just casually think that we will sail through rough waters and not get wet.  We must arm ourselves at every turn in the road being on the look out for the next possible attack.  We can not slumber or lock ourselves away from all bad things/or bad people/ or bad situations.  Let us fight the good fight.  Charge into battle and conquer the enemy ( negative thoughts).  We can do this. We can be what we will to be.


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