Week 5 Light Bulb moment

All the exercises and hard work are starting to get through this thick head. My light bulb moment is finally understanding how the whole thing works. I remember the five blue boxes Mark J showed us at the very beginning. Thoughts – Feelings= Belief , Actions, Results. Well, I finally see how all the things previous I did was a waste of time. It was putting the cart before the horse and expecting it to move.  A horse is best at pulling the cart not pushing it.  In the past, I would just use actions to try to lose weight, be a good person, and act happy. But none of those things worked, not for very long any way. I was not changing a thing. I finally see the need to change my subby.  I need to control my thoughts and I need to control my feelings so I can change my beliefs. I finally get I can be what I will to be.  At first this had no meaning to me,  thankfully the light bulb is stating to  shine and illuminate the possibilities that I can create.  Another analogy would be in the Wizard of Oz movie.  Subby is Oz behind the curtain pulling the strings to make the smoke and  voice that creates what Dorothy is seeing.  But all along, I could control this amazing thing called me. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me on this amazing journey in the Master Key Experience!!!


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