Week # 3 Obstacles on the road

Wowzers boy did life happen this week.  I had three major obstacles this week that put a hiccup on this new journey.  Basically, I had three medical procedures during the week.  I knew they were coming and I thought I had it all under control.  Well, things did not go as I planned.  Medical proceedures took longer than I expected making it hard to get my re-write of my DMP done and getting my blog post up on time.  I was able to still do the reading and most of the sitting exercises but coming off the anaesthesia made it impossible to complete anything that day.  It really wiped me out.  I see now how important it is to do the oats.  Schedule everything and really pinning  down how long (time) it will take to do something. My old blueprint is beating myself up for not completing things on time. But the new blueprint knows I need to make new GOOD HABITS to break the old blueprint.  I know I’m on the right road and I plan on sticking to this path no matter what my subby (old blueprint) says.  I’m going to keep making GOOD HABITS TO ERASE THE OLD ONES.   I’ll keep revising my dmp until it is the best it can be.  My new life of Liberty and Autonomy are on this path and I am unstoppable. Charging on to the new week building good habit upon good habit to the end. See you all next week.



3 thoughts on “Week # 3 Obstacles on the road

  1. Amanda Pedro

    Karen, the fact that you still attempted your reading is amazing to me!!! Don’t beat yourself up! I’m sure that you wouldn’t be as tough on others as you are on yourself. Show yourself the same kindness and understanding. You are still committed to your journey and have made changes already! I love the positive ending of this post!!!


  2. billypmasterkey

    Keep up the good work Karen. It’s not how we are doing at any given moment in this journey. It’s how we finish. Now that those procedures are behind you, you can get back into the regular flow of giving and receiving and building those new habits. You seem to have a very goo dattitude about all of this even with your week full of obstacles,



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