Week 2 Things are Happening

Another amazing week of many discoveries, so many things are rushing through my mind.  Ok starting with the webcast on Sunday the information was awesome.  I really liked the information about the exercises are very crucial.  Make them a must do. I like  that he said it over and over it finally sunk in and I have started with real vigor to complete all sittings and all reading and all assignments everyday.  It now pains me if I contemplate not doing my assignment.  I am really starting to form good habits.  The reading is enjoyable I am seeing new things every time and starting to link together and have deeper understanding of the information.

Week one I  missed a few sittings and a few readings.. This week only missed one reading or og.. and one sitting.  I was just dead tired and too many things scheduled for that day. It still is not an excuse but it happened.

The revision of the DMP was a big part of my week.  The sitting brought new enlightenments to what I want.  The guides offered great assistance to focus me in the right direction.  More revisions will be coming but starting to get a clearer picture for my new life (DMP).

The PPN’s were a real eye opener I would have never guessed that Autonomy and Liberty would be what I need. I barely understood the words but I picked them during the webinar.  I now see they are really awesome ppn’s. I am learning their meaning and seeing how they will link together with my DMP.

All and all the week went well.. The blog was the last thing on my assignments that I needed to complete. Yes it is late but I will OATS next week better so I will complete it on time week 3. Schedule it … Schedule it… alot TIME>>>

Thanks for listening and reading my blog…  I will try to figure out how to follow people back on your blogs too. Work in progress learning wordpress..







3 thoughts on “Week 2 Things are Happening

  1. Amanda Pedro

    Hi Karen,
    It is definitely a work in progress, but one worth giving priority, which you are doing!!! I like that you were able to identify what you did and did not do and were honest about it. I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to watching your journey!


    Liked by 1 person


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