Week 19 Scroll 6 from Og Mastering Emotions

Scroll 6  i am master of my emotions.  or am I?  Since starting the scroll six, i have had more chances to master my emotions.

Here is one of those times. I was driving to a business meeting and in my city there are lots of highways and large 3 or 4 lane roads.  Well, I was driving and I needed to change lanes to get to the road I wanted to go to.  So I started to move over from the right lane to the middle lane then I again needed to move again from the middle lane all the way over to the left lane.  So I carefully moved over watching for cars and moved in behind a truck.  I did not cut anyone off just pulled behind already flowing traffic.  Well, I then .took the next left turn and stopped  for the red light. Well, then I heard something coming from the right side of me.  The truck was also in the left turning lane waiting for the red light to change.  Ok, what did I hear.  The man in the truck was yelling BAD  words at me.  I was following him too closely! ETC..ETC.. with lots of swear words…   So as he was yelling.

This is what was happening inside of me. My emotions started to CHURN. I was feeling hurt and bad because the guy was mad at me. I felt his disapproval loud and clear.  It reminded me of when I was a little kid and being scolded. I didn’t engage with the fellow so as not to make him more enraged.

Instead in my head I was talking to myself saying I control my emotions. i control my emotions. I greet this day with love in my heart. and I  said I love you to the man. Then  I am whole,perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and appy. over and over again.

Now as I was sitting there waiting for the red light to change and as the man was still ranting.  The emotions came rolling down my cheeks one tear for each eye. I was feeling beat up.  The man finally calmed down and let it go.

By now  I was already  thinking in my mind with tons of  emotions in my head rolling around .  The light finally turned green and I was on my way to my destination.  I tried to concentrate on the road and looked back to see if the guy was still mad.  He wasn’t.

Then  I  remembered I can put any feeling to any idea. *LIGHT BULB MOMENT*  I CHOOSE to change my feelings. I choose to be HAPPY  not defeated or hurt just happy.  I continued my day and made it a HAPPY one.  I was in my meeting and enjoyed it and never said a word about the experience.  I let it go and I choose to make my day a happy one.

It wasn’t instantaneous process for me,  but in the past I would make an experience like that affect me for the rest of the day and longer sometimes.  I would complain to everyone I could talk to.  I would make it grow and grow.  Instead I made the choice to be happy and that is what grew and grew…

I’m proud of myself.  I am in control of my emotions!



Week 22 Be still and find Silence

Be still and know that I am . Be still and know. Be still . Be.

This was our assignment this week.  Go and be silent!  This is a hard to do when you have a family and job. I will need to plan this out so I can get away from the constant barrage of things to do for the husband and the kids and the time off from the job and other responsibilities of life.  I plan on getting away to the woods maybe camping/cabin and hunkering down for at least 3 days.  I have learned to turn off and unplug from the world much more thru this course.  i don’t look at Facebook constantly anymore.  I watch little to none of TV.  My cell phone is only really used for necessary phone calls only.  I remember the request of 7 days of no TV it was not that hard for me, I was able to substitute it for reading.  The joy of reading has come back.

I am working hard to find the time off to go on my Silence Retreat.  I can’t wait to find out so many more discoveries about myself.  I’m sure it will open so many new doors into a glorious future.


Week 23 Mastering Master Key Experience

Well, We are almost at the end of our Journey, but are we really?  I would definitely say no.  We will end this segment of the journey and continue on and on.  If you remember the Hero’s Journey circle you see the perfect illustration of journey.  We are always on a journey just in different places as we move on the circle.  Some people are at the beginning stages and some people are in the middle and some are at the end.  We are constantly in the journey.  Let’s wake up and take charge of our lives and be the director’s of our lives.  Let us look forward to our destination and work our way to our ultimate life that we are designing.  Paint your life with any colors you want with any brush that you would like to choose.  It’s yours you choose. We are becoming the masters of our own lives.

Thank you Master Key Experience

There is nothing else out there like this.

#nothing like it!


Week 18 Og’s mindset

I will live this day as if it is my last.  Wow what a lot to take in.  Most people never even think about a subject like this.  What would we do if we only had one day left to live. How would we use that day?  Who would we spend it with? What would we do?  Because it would be your last day on earth you would need to use it wisely not squandering  even a minute. This is how we should live every day always using each and every minute to its fullest potential.  Really being able to enjoy and do what you love.  Yes there are the mundane things that have to be done like get dressed and wash yourself up put food in your mouth but after the ordinary things are done that’s what we should work on.  Put extra focus on what you would like or love to do that day.  We should dig deep inside ourselves to find what truly makes us happy and fulfilled and just do those things. Not wasting our time on the just ordinary things like watching tv, texting, tweeting, and the list could go on and on.  This is probably why the sit’s are so important.  Getting alone with ourselves and pondering and thinking so we can be the best we can be and have the life that we design that we love.

Let’s all go and live this day as if it is our LAST!

P.S.  Remember we have only NOW.    Let’s live in the NOW.

Week 17 Kindness

It is so wonderful to be able to see kindnesses .  Kindness week was so awesome.  Talk about the law of growth I saw it multiply so big.  The alliances showed me so many different kinds of kindnesses.  What we focus on really does help us grow the thing we are focusing on.  It has built up my gratitude for this group of like-minded people. I am the one who is benefitting from all the groups work.  Here is a big hug and gratitude for all that you as a group have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Week 16 A Rolling Stone

Well, things are really on a roll.  The old saying a rolling stone gathers no moss.  I’m not growing any moss at all.  Life is taking off,  my definite major purpose is getting closer and closer into view.  My massage business is getting busy.  I have induced others to serve me because I am willing to serve others. The others are now finding me clients for massage.  My life is taking huge leaps into my new reality.

Week 15 New Year New ME!

No New Year’s resolutions for me.  I’ve been living my life on purpose for three months now.  I’ve been following the Master Key Experience and things have changed.  My BIGGEST thing that has changed has been my weight. And I mean BIG.  I’ve lost a whopping 36 pounds. Started new eating plan on Oct 14, 2016.  And I’m still going.  I’ve learned so much from this course that has helped me realize this goal/my want.  I have been doing what the master keys have taught me and it works there is nothing like it!  

I plan to stay on this road and unveil all the gifts and talents that I have that are inside of me.  It is an awesome thing to discover the wonders that were hiding inside of us that where ready to show up if we take the steps to unvail them.

This week we are working on some of our characteristics in our life.  I’m working on finding Courage this week.  I’ve found it in some people but mostly I’m trying to develop it in my own life.  I’m very weak in this characteristic and want to .build it up. Exercise that muscle of courage.  Here’s to a New Year and a NEW ME!  Let’s go out and get us some courage. Master Key Experience. There is nothing like it!