WEEK 8 Idealization, Visualization, Manifestation.

We have been learning how our ideas and what we think our mind will cause us to get exactly what we think about.  We must be very careful to think great thoughts and guard our minds of the stuff that goes into our minds. 

We must first think of ideas that we truly want in our lives.  What are our dreams, what do we inspire to do with our lives.  We must clearly write down our definite major purpose for our lives.  We must use precise words that clearly describe what we want and how we want it to happen.

We then take this definite major purpose and visualize it.  We must sit quietly with ourselves and visulize in our heads the things we have written down in living color and in motion like you are watching a movie or yourself do what you want to do.  We must be able to see every detail right down to every hair on people heads.  Really see everything in your mind crystal clear.

Now the Manifestation happens when your subconscious gets a hold of your definite major purpose and truly believes it is real and starts to create new ways of obtaining this new life right before your very eyes.  Your 5 billion cells in your brain take over and start to work for you night and day finding the way to make your definite major purpose come true..    Then your going to get what you have always wanted for your life..

Sit back and enjoy..  dreams are possible.. You now have your own genie in a bottle.

You are that genie.. You make your own magic.. You are the writer of your own life.




Week 7 Mental Diet

Wow, It’s time for a diet!  Oh no,   Not the usual kind of starving yourself diet.  It has nothing to do with food.  Or does it.  The 7 day Mental Diet does have some similarities.  We must STARVE our selves of negative thoughts.  So it is kind of a food diet for the brain.  We must not have any NEGATIVE thoughts for 7 whole days in a row.  Ok.  How is this going to happen?  It’s like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube.  

We do have a couple of helpful tips.  We are able to use the Law of Substitution.  We are allowed to substitute any negative thought with a POSITIVE one.  If we can do this within 7 seconds we can keep going for our 7 days in a row.  The other tip is be an observer be vigilant.  Also if we use the Scroll 2 and keep our hearts filled with love we should be able to master this huge task.

Good luck everyone. I’m POSITIVE we can do this..

Week 6 Og Scroll 2

Love is what is required for this months read of Og Mandino’s Scroll 2.  We must learn to live with love in our hearts this month.  But how will we do this?  There is so much out there that can bring us down and pull us away from love.  We see so much inhumanity towards others all day long on the news.  We have been learning how to do this through our master-key experience webinar trainings and our weekly exercises and tasks that we must complete weekly.  This week one of exercises is we are to observe ourselves and make sure we have no opinions.  NOTHING… JUST STOP IT..  This is definitely a help to keeping love in our hearts.  Now this is just an observation not an opinion.  When we keep our mind clear of opinions we will be better able to KEEP the good stuff flowing out of us.  If only good in going in.(We are the watchman at the gate)  Then good is all that can come out.  So,  Let’s keep those opinions at bay and let the love pour out of us.. like Og says.. I greet this day with love in my heart… 



car-accident edit

After last weeks break through at chipping away at the cement.  My old blueprint

came raging back with a vengeance.   It does not like change.  It does not like that my

dreams can come true. That saboteur came back sneaking in with missing a few reads by

sleeping in late then my motivation and moods was very diminished.  Blog didn’t get

posted on time my enthusiasm waned.  I was like if my DMP was just a fairy tale and

not really going to come true: that I don’t truly believe it is possible, then I can do this

little exercise no worries.  I don’t have a chance any way.   My old  blueprint let’s me try

like  a good soldier following  commands.  His commands!  When  the slightest hint of

this could be my new life and things could change for the better the sabotage begins the

brakes are applied.  I freeze up halting the progress. aka. CRASH and BURN … 

I hope this is a success because I am being a good observer of this pattern and I am

still here and still continuing.  It just really sucks that the saboteur is always ready to

strike and I have to always pick my self up and try to battle it again and again and

again…  Boy this really sucks.  OLD BLUEPRINT GO AWAY!!!!

WEEK 4 Light Bulb Moment

Hills and valleys were felt this week.  Started out with vallies. Reading many blogs that were very
inspiring seeing so much greatness and then feeling jealousy.  What am I saying I was
completely jealous. Bad emotion to have. But at the same time I was very happy for them. They
also inspired me to keep going for my desires in life. I was persistent with the exercises.
      I love the master key  app on the phone. I can check in with it several times a day so it keeps
me focused on what I need to do.  So that was my valleys for the week with my feelings and
perspiration of digging in and doing the work no matter what.  Now some times just getting it
done just before midnight. I race to the app just in time to check off my last green check mark.
      Then when riding in the car today. I was saying my do it now’s and I can be what I will to be.
Perspiration, inspiration, revelation..
Light bulb moments Haanel 4. Sentence 10.  ” EVERY time you repeat it realize who and
what this ” I is; and  try to come into a thorough understanding of the true nature of the “I”; if
you do , you will become INVINCIBLE; that is, provided that your objects and purposes are
constructive and are therefore in HARMONY with the creative principle of the Universe. “
This is what happened to me in my car as I had finally realized who the I is.  I felt invincible. I am
the one who is designing my life. I can be what I will to be.  I then started to change the way I
was saying the  statement.  I said it backwards. What I will to be. I CAN BE.  Can you hear it
deep in your soul. Then I also combined that phrase with Do it now.  As Mark J  would say
BAM!!!!!!! The lightbulb was burning bright 1 million watts went off and emotions came flowing
tears of joy.
         All the work is starting to crack the old blueprint. I’m really chipping at it day by day.
So everything we are doing is for a reason I see why we must read constantly, read out loud,
read with enthusiasm, sit still and get control, finding the shapes and color, read the index
cards, read master key system, read greatest salesman, the weekly webinars, blogs, I’m
probably forgetting something, oh yeah reading our DMP’s.
      So as og the greatest salesman would say scroll #1 ..paraphrased . I repeat the words daily
they become a part of my conscious mind but more importantly they seep into the
Subconscious mind which creates my dreams and makes me act in mysterious ways I do
not comprehend.  It’s starting to come together. I know the road is going to be awesome. I’ll
not put anything  negative in here. I was just about to but I stopped and thought that’s what my
old blueprint would have said.  Wow, I am so powerful, my watchman at the gate is on guard
ready to do his job.
Let’s all keep going. Remember your guides are there for you and Mark, Davene, Dayna, and
the crew are there for us. They have our back reach out if you need a hand to help you on this
Love and gratitude for this course.



Are you seeing red yet.  I am seeing red circles every where.  I drive to and from work several times a week and these drives are now becoming fun, because you can really see how when you focus on something it really manifests before your very eyes.  As soon as I say to myself look for red circles.  The next few cars that pass me are red.  Then I see a red stop sign. BAM.. More shades of the color red come from every where.  The letters on a billboard, the tail lights of the car in front of me, the person at the bus stop has a red shirt.  Wow.  Then I try to link it back like Mark says to do.  To your chore card you wrote out.  My red circle chore this week was to  go get groceries by Oct 15.  And the other link is to the Plan of Action card. Linked to I promise to read the Blueprint Builder  out loud everyday.  I’m also looking for blue rectangles also and they are everywhere too.   So many signs are blue on the highways.  Sometimes I just look up at the blue sky and BAM I found another thing that is blue or in a rectangular shape.  Looking for the color red and in a circles was fun this week.  Everyone should try it..  When you are focused on the colors and shapes you don’t have time to  see traffic jam or bad drivers or any other crazy stuff on the road.  polka-dots-2374446_640

Week 2 The Sit


Well, last weeks sit seems so easy now.  We only had to control our physical body by remaining still for fifteen minutes or more.  Which in all reality it takes a lot of skill to do this.  Now  this weeks assignment is a bit harder.  Well, can I say a LOT HARDER!!!!!!  Well, we start out the same as last week by picking the same comfy chair and choosing our preferred time of the day and continue with sitting perfectly still.  Now comes the hard part.  NO THOUGHTS!!!  Wow.  Now if you remember what your sits were like last week when you were trying to control your body. You should remember your brain  was going a hundred miles an hour thinking about every thing like the itch on my foot, then how can I do this fifteen minute thing it is just to long.  Your mind raced the whole time from subject to subject well mine did anyway.  So now we have our assignment this week, What are we going to do with all these thoughts?  So the first couple of days did not go so well.  I was battling the thoughts and they were winning.  As the week progressed I tried to picture a black hole or emptiness.  I would just try to gaze at it in my mind and try to quiet my mind.  I got glimpses of silence in my mind.  UREKKA small improvement.  It reminded me of the time I went to a float place.  A float is where you lay down in epsom salt water and float on the top of the water like in the dead sea.  You are in a pod that allows you to close the lid and have complete isolation from the world. You get rid of most of your senses. It’s dark no sight, you put in ear plugs to keep the water out and sound.  Even touch is also gone you don’t even feel the water.  While doing the float every sense is controlled.  The only thing left is your mind.  It was quite a long float with me and my mind.  So many thoughts came flying in it was so noisy in my mind yet I was in the most tranquil place to rest.  My body was resting but my mind was racing.  After a  while being in the float I was able to just focus on one or two items to think about and enjoy the experience.

week 1 new beginnings


Its time for new beginnings.  I am ready to see what my mind will be able to create.  I’m really excited for the master key experience again.  This first week is awesome we learn to start building our good habits.  Learning to schedule our days with our reading assignments three times a day.  We are learning to sit still this week.  The sit’s were hard to schedule for me last time.  I’m totally focused on the sit’s this year to use this good habit to get my mind to really delve into my true desires for my life. The sit’s  were a big impact to me last year and brought much happiness to my life.  I made some of my DMP come true.  I’ll be revamping and expanding my DMP this year.  Yahoo this is so exciting.  Let’s get the party started…